In a time period where transnational boundaries have been blurred by how rapidly we are all connected, Globe Advisory Services is here to provide you assistance with your immigration, investment and overseas educational needs. Our vision is to provide end-to-end solutions to those aspiring to move abroad; with a holistic view of the opportunities available in the overseas education and immigration domain worldwide. Globe Advisory Services has been helping families and students immigrate ensuring that clients are provided with a seamless transition to adjusting to a new life. With a staff and partnership in places that bring a wealth of experience in providing immigration and overseas study consultation, we believe in a mutual trusting relationship with our partners and our clientele. At Globe Advisory services, we guarantee that we exhibit integrity, professionalism and deliver a willingness to deliver proven results in assisting clients in this transition.


Our primary function is as a wholesaler of various immigration services and investment programs providing legal expertise related to immigrant visa petitions, ensuring compliance of immigration laws and regulations, preparation and review of investment and corporate documents, and providing secure escrow service to maximize our clients’ success.

Applying for studies abroad is a crucial decision as such we do not limit our counselling just to the right country and university choice, but extend it to help you make the right 'career decision'. There are umpteen top ranking universities worldwide. To narrow down the list to those of the top priority suitable to your profile becomes an arduous task. Here's where our educational counsellors play a vital role.

We at Globe Advisory Services have been providing IELTS coaching with excellent results for many years now. We nurture the talents of every student, turning mundane into extra-ordinary, with the help of our expert tutors, hard work, in-depth guidance and quality classroom education services. Our unique approach to IELTS coaching has produced incredible outcomes

We are serving across India Travel Agents and their clients for Central Asia from decades with a vision to make a memorable tour and make the happiest clients and travelers. we endeavor for superlative travel solutions with support from Governments of CIS countries


Application Fee Waiver Available for Select Colleges & Universities! APPLY NOW!

Durham College, Seneca College, Fanshawe College, Loyalist College & Brock University

Ontario Entrepreneur Stream

  • Business Ownership: At least 2 years of business ownership or senior manager experience of 5 years. At least 1/3rd ownership.

  • Investment Amount: $600,000 CAD and control at least one-third of business within Greater Toronto Area & $200,000 and control at least one-third of business outside Greater Toronto Area

  • Net Worth: $800,000 CAD within Greater Toronto Area & $400,000 CAD outside Greater Toronto Area

  • Job Creation: Within Greater Toronto Area: 2 jobs & Outside Greater Toronto Area: 1 jobs

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